For me there has been a natural progression into photography via other artistic gateways - namely through my Fine Art successes and professional Graphic Design career spanning 25 years of creativity.

Light it is the single most important element in any of my landscape photographs. No two days are ever ther same so the rewards for being within the landscape at the right time, in the right location, with dramatic light are what inspire me to keep creating images with the camera in front of the motif.

Textures, lines, movement, and colour are also key elements which bring any one composition together in much the same way as I do when painting.

There also has to be a connection and a passion for my subject which I have, in abundance. Without this connection there is no ‘message’ or meaning - just a mere technical recording. Technical recording is not what I take the camera into the landscape to do.

There is a great deal of planning behind every successful portfolio image. Months of patient assessment and of any given location throughout the year, to see it at its 'best' takes great effort.

Photography therefore, contrary to belief, is not easy. The best photographers just do not turn up and hope for the best!

As much effort goes into creating equally successful wildlife images. Studying migration patterns, weather, behaviour and so on will give you the best chance of photographing your subject but there is no real guarantee of success. Patience in abundance is also required - in fact, it is a remit.

Photography for me has created new and exciting ways of looking at my subject - particularly landscape and a more detailed analysis and appreciation of wildlife.  

Enjoy the portfolio, and don't forget to also take a look at my Fine Art site whether you're interested in art tuition in Yorkshire or simply to peruse my work.

Photograph curtesy of Mark Sunderland. www.marksunderland.com