Portfolio - Travel

Much of my travel work is location based, with a strong emphasis on nature and landscape or a combination of both. Colour plays a vital importance in each photograph, as does the light. Light affects the colour - colour is a result of the light. The softest light (often being at the start or end of the day) has the greatest appeal. However, when travelling, often the luxury of time is never realistically on your side particularly when you are in any one given place for a short period. To be adept with all my creative skills is an absolute remit in such situations.

In the travel galleries you will find images from many inspirational locations from the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini with the most dramatic landscape vistas, to the lush greens and glowing light from island of Mauritius in the Indian ocean. the heat of the summer months is clearly seen in the Northern Cyprus portfolio with the sharp contrasts in colour and tone whilst the portfolio of Africa displays a predominant collection of the most amazing wildlife and landscape from the dramatic Western Cape and wildlife rich Eastern regions of south Africa.

Details for each photograph can be seen in the portfolio enlargements together with details of size and prices for each bespoke professionally printed photograph. Each print is finished, producing images that are rich in colour and depth. Prints are made using only the finest museum grade gloss fine art media paper, with pigment inks to guarantee longevity.

Enjoy your tour through the travel portfolio!